Meant to introduce the students to this unit. It will include a KWL (know, want to know, learned) chart and will start off with the class reading a short bit of information on the black capped chickadee. They will also have an easy mini-quiz afterwards.

Bad Habit?


Teaches about how birds act and why they act like that (nest building, males diverting attention, sitting on nest, migrating, ect.) through way of charades.

Birds Affect Our River?


Introduces how the birds affect the river through way of transporting seeds and the process of excretion. Also introducing (drumroll please) THE RIPARIAN AREA!...





This lesson is dedicated to the Chickadee, one of our main targets to live in our bird houses.


The Wrap
This is a wrap up of the unit, it will include a few anweres to the student's questions on the KWL charts. It also gets them inspired for ideas on how to paint the bird houses and it introduces/assigns the research project.




This page has a small summary of each lesson, with links to the main pages for each lesson/activity.


Research Project


This will be the wrapping up activity of the unit before the bird houses to see how much the students have learned and if they are able to perform research gathering.

Final Bird House Project


This is the final activity that is going to be used as a fun way to impact our environment positively and end our unit.

Bird House